NAIC Annuity Suitability Requirements: Global Atlantic

Global Atlantic

Producers will need to complete product specific training prior to soliciting our products in all states. Global Atlantic has partnered with RegEd for product specific training and continuing education for all agents. Please follow the instructions to complete the product training.

New to RegEd?

1.  Begin registration by logging onto:

2.  After Registering, select the state in which you are selling or plan to sell annuity products. Supply the necessary information and Save

3.  Advance to Accessing Product Training

Already Registered?

1.  Log-in to RegEd with your User ID and Password

2.  Advance to Accessing Product Training

Accessing Product Training

1.  Once logged-in to RegEd, you will be at the Producer Status screen. Scroll down to the Carrier-Specific Product Training section

2.  The training for Global Atlantic Annuity Product Training should be displayed. Select the training that you would like to take and click Go to Requirements

If the training is not displayed, click Enter Product Code on the left side of the screen. Enter the code for the product you will be selling then click Submit

a. FTFCARE ForeCare Fixed Annuity with Long-Term Care Benefits
b. INC150-24 Income 150+ SE Fixed Index Annuity
c. SecureForeAll SecureFore Fixed Annuities
d. ForeAccum24 ForeAccumulation II
e. ForeIncome24 ForeIncome II Fixed Index Annuities
f. ForeCertain ForeCertain Income Annuity
g. FORESTRUCTURED ForeStructured Registered Index Linked Annuity

3.  Review the Training Standard page and click Proceed at the bottom of the screen

4.  The Training Presentation will start

5.  Complete the training, read through the disclosures, and select ATTEST

6.  Complete training verification by clicking A-Yes and then Continue

7.  After the course evaluation (this is not required), your Certificate of Completion will appear

8.  Print your Certificate and keep it for your records. RegEd electronically notifies Global Atlantic that you have completed the training.

IMPORTANT: In order to satisfy your product training, you must read through the disclosures and ATTEST. This is a necessary step in all states to satisfy your carrier-specific annuity product training.

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