NAIC Annuity Suitability Requirements: American National

American National

Nationwide Suitability

American National now requires all of its producers in all states to complete American National’s product specific annuity training prior to soliciting the sale of a particular annuity product.

When an annuity application is received and the producer has not completed the mandated product specific training, the annuity application will be rejected and returned to the producer. A new application will be required for submission after the training is completed.

Appointed Agents

Annuity product training can now be accessed through Xcelerate by logging into E-Agent using the following link: IMG Product Training. After you have logged in, you will find the available courses under the My Learning Plan section of Xcelerate.

Once complete, you can find all completed courses within the My Transcript section of Xcelerate. American National will receive a record on your completion the following day.

Non-Appointed Agents

If you are not appointed with American National yet, you can still take our product training. Click here to get started.

Excelerate Course Guide Link

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